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Alabaster Dui Attorney

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Alabaster Dui Attorney

Driving Under Influence is a criminal case in the state of Alabama and carries some serious consequences. Some possible penalties resulting from being charged with DUI offenses in Alabama include hefty fines up to $10,000, having your driver's license suspended or losing some driving privileges, and even a jail sentence of up to 10 years prison (depending on the number of prior convictions).

If you get arrested for or charged with a DUI offense, you should speak to a DUI lawyer. Our experts are in the best position to help you develop strategies to defend you properly and get you favorable outcomes. I know there is the tendency to get all worked out and feel so overwhelmed after what was supposed to be a 'good time out' gets you arrested or spending the night in jail. The surge of emotions might even convince you that your conviction is sure, and you might make a costly mistake. While getting a lawyer is recommended, the lawyer's quality is also as important and crucial to the case. Do not opt for cheap lawyers who would plead you guilty. It is not a good position to be in. After all, it is common to see celebrities who have DUI cases fight and win, so why can't you do the same?

Alabama DUI Attorneys

A reasonable Alabama DUI attorney is the difference and is just a phone call or mail away. Well, enough Googling and searching for DUI defense lawyers to help you with your case. Polson & Polson Criminal Law Firm is a premium DUI defense firm that can help you obtain an excellent result for your case. Mark and Whitney Polson have 60+ years of courtroom experience and are well known for DUI, DWI, and drug-related charges. We have helped thousands of clients get reduced penalties, even dismissals. Understanding that pleading guilty has some severe consequences to clients, even to the possibility of a client losing their professional career, Polson & Polson's are ready to fight on behalf of their clients.

Proven Record of Polson & Polson

Whitney and Mark Polson is a reputable DUI lawyer in Birmingham. We rank high with the Martindale-Hubbell, America's oldest attorney rating service since 1868. Super Lawyers also recognized us for ten years of excellent DUI defense in Alabama, and our office is referred to as "a premier criminal defense law firm." Mark's quality legal services spanning over 45 years of successful cases have him ranked among Alabama's best lawyers. Mark has authored legal books, and Whitney has also made great strides in this field, co-authoring a book on Alabama DUI laws. Mark and Whitney are proud members of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD), the largest DUI defense membership organization.

The Polson & Polson Law Firm has, over time, proven to be an outstanding legal option for people with DUI, DWI, and alcohol and drug-related cases. Being a family run firm, the team understands the importance of family protection when dealing with these cases. With a solid track record and trustworthy representation, you can be assured that your best interests will be protected.

You can contact us on (205) 871-8838 or reach our 24-hour helpline 205-222-4544 for our alabaster DUI attorney. You can also visit us for more information.