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Best Criminal Attorney Montgomery County Pa

Best Criminal Attorney Montgomery County Pa

When not just any attorney will do, and you need the best criminal attorney in Montgomery County, PA, contact Difiore Levin Law. Our team of experienced criminal trial lawyers is here to keep you out of jail as much as possible. If you are not guilty, we will fight tooth and nail to get you the acquittal you deserve, but even if you are guilty, you still are entitled to the best criminal defense in Montgomery County and favorable terms.

Ultimately, how much time (if any) you serve in jail or prison will depend on the nature of the crime you committed (if you are guilty), your prior criminal record, and any aggravating or mitigating circumstances that might be involved in your case.

Nature of the Offense

Obviously, people who get arrested for selling a little bit of marijuana are not going to see as much jail time as someone who's trafficking kilos of heroin from overseas. Likewise, somebody who is convicted of battery is not going to get as much time as someone who is convicted of murder, at least in theory. When you partner with DiFiore Levin Law, you'll have the best criminal attorney in Montgomery County, PA on your side to make sure this doesn't happen to you if you are convicted! The judge will closely consider the nature of the offense and sentence you within the minimum sentence guidelines.

Prior Criminal History

For first-time offenders and offenders with minimal criminal backgrounds, DiFiore Levin Law can almost always get most or all of a sentence suspended for misdemeanors and lower-class felonies. Probation, house arrest, community service, and restitution are viable jail-time alternatives, and most judges are willing to extend leniency for first-time offenders. We are often able to work out good deals for convicted habitual offenders with extensive criminal backgrounds, but be warned, we will have our work cut out for us! Judges in Montgomery County don't take kindly to repeat or habitual offenders.

Aggravating or Mitigating Circumstances

Let's consider two scenarios where one person is attacking another with a baseball bat:

You attack them

Attacking someone with your fists would be considered battery, a relatively minor offense. Attacking someone with a baseball bat would be aggravated battery, a serious felony offense that could land you in prison for as much as 20 years. If convicted of aggravated battery, whether you have a criminal background or not, you might be looking at serious jail or prison time.

They attack you

You are having a heated argument with someone, and they reach down to pick a baseball bat, presumably to use to hit you. To prevent this from happening, you hit the person, take the bat, and hit them with the bat. This is a mitigating circumstance (as long as you don't keep hitting them once they're down). Because you feared being attacked with a baseball bat, you hit the person with the bat to incapacitate them so that they were no longer a threat to your life.

Get the Representation You Need

While these are rather aggressive examples, they illustrate the point of how aggravating and mitigating circumstances can affect a sentence. With the best criminal attorney in Montgomery County, PA on your side, we'll get the evidence, witnesses, and everything else you need to make a strong defense in court.

Best Criminal Attorney Montgomery County Pa
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