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Best Criminal Lawyer Montgomery County Pa

Best Criminal Lawyer Montgomery County Pa

When you need the best criminal lawyer in Montgomery County, PA, call DiFiore Levin Law. At DiFiore Levin, you will find an experienced criminal defense lawyer who specializes in keeping people out of jail and protecting the accused's constitutional rights. We make sure the prosecutors play fair, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to putting together a strong defense for our clients, accumulating evidence, and finding weaknesses in the prosecution's case. Our team is experienced and committed to your best interests in court. You can trust DiFiore Levin Law.

Our Job is to Provide an Excellent Defense

As far as we're concerned at Difiore Levin, we'll leave whether or not our clients are guilty for the judges and juries to decide. As Montgomery County's premier criminal defense firm, our job is providing quality legal services for our clients and protecting their presumption of innocence. Does this make the work we do immoral? Does this mean that we don't care about justice or holding people accountable for breaking the law? No. Everybody deserves a criminal defense lawyer who works for them. That is our job. Our job is not to figure out whether or not people are guilty.

Should You Represent Yourself in a Court of Criminal Law?

Absolutely not! As a law firm, you might think we have some financial incentive in telling you never to represent yourself in court, but the truth is that it's for your best interests. Unless you graduated law-school, there's no way you're going to hold up against a blood-thirsty prosecutor. The prosecutors in both the misdemeanor and felony courts in Montgomery County are seasoned lawyers who work closely with the judges. Their jobs are put people in jail, and they do a very good job of it.

From start to finish, having the best criminal lawyer in Montgomery County, PA on your side can make all the difference! Whether it's filing motions, taking depositions, conducting investigations, researching case law, cross-examining witnesses at trial, or even getting a killer plea deal that's too good to refuse, DiFiore Levin Law can be the difference-maker.

What if I'm Convicted?

As experienced trial lawyers, we are able to get our clients off the hook or negotiate excellent plea bargains more often than not. However, there are some cases that Montgomery County judges hate, and if you are convicted, your fate will be in the hands of the judges.

Some judges in Montgomery County have been known to make examples of habitual offenders, sex offenders (especially when children are involved), and particularly heinous offenses. There are three things that will determine your fate if you are convicted of your charges:

  • Nature of the crime
  • Criminal background
  • Aggravating and mitigating circumstances

What We Will Do for You

Two things that we do for all of our clients is to protect their constitutional rights and hold the prosecutor on the case to a high standard of ethical behavior. If the prosecutor makes mistakes or behaves unethically, we seek to have the case thrown out. Our law firm is well-known in Montgomery County, and when the prosecutor sees that DeFiore Levin Law is on your side, they will act right!

Best Criminal Lawyer Montgomery County Pa
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