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Criminal Attorney Montgomery County Pa

Criminal Attorney Montgomery County Pa

If you or someone you love is in trouble with the law and needs quality legal representation, then you need to contact an experienced criminal attorney in Montgomery County, PA. At DiFiore Levin Law, our criminal defense attorneys are not just plea bargain lawyers. While we have been able to successfully work out plea bargains for our clients who were ready to admit their guilt, we've also been able to win cases for our clients in trial.

Frankly, as criminal defense attorneys, our concern isn't as much as whether or not a client is guilty of the charges brought against them as it is providing clients with exceptional legal services, making sure their rights are protected, holding the case's prosecutor to high standard of ethics, and getting a good result that our clients are happy with.

Should I Represent Myself in Court?

We get it; attorneys are not cheap. Therefore, many people choose pro se representation, which means that they represent themselves in court. Up against a blood-thirsty and well-experienced prosecutor, they have approximately 0% chance of winning their case or even getting a favorable plea bargain. Remember, as with anything in life, you only get what you pay for in the court of law. Ask yourself, "If I had to put a price tag on my freedom, what would it be worth to me?"

Having a Criminal Attorney in Montgomery County PA Can be an Invaluable Investment

Leading up to a trial, during the process of discovery, is perhaps when having a legal expert in your corner is most valuable. This is the time of gathering evidence, conducting investigations, taking depositions, and more. For individuals who are being held without bail, it can be impossible for them to get everything they need to make a strong defense from jail. Also, there are a series of motions that need to be filed, and they must be filed correctly with the courts. During the trial, knowing how to present your evidence, how to cross-examine witnesses, when to object, and what to motion the court for are things that most people don't know and are areas where a criminal defense attorney can help immensely. Contact DeFiore Levin to discuss your case at charge today. Don't go alone into the lions' den.

Will I Go to Jail if I'm Found Guilty?

Sometimes, if a client is guilty, they should consider making a choice to work out a plea deal with the prosecutor. By knowing you're guilty and taking your case to trial anyway, you could upset the judge. Even trials for misdemeanors are very expensive and cost Montgomery County taxpayers millions of dollars each year. Judges sometimes like to set examples of individuals who are glaringly guilty and try to 'game the system' in their eyes.

If this is your first criminal offense, we can probably get the entire portion of your sentence suspended for you, get you on probation or house arrest, or even community service and some fines. It all depends on your criminal history and the nature of your case, and of course, whether you're guilty or not. The first step is to contact a seasoned criminal attorney in Montgomery County, PA at DiFiore Levin Law right away.

Criminal Attorney Montgomery County Pa
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