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Criminal Defense Lawyer Montgomery County Pa

Criminal Defense Lawyer Montgomery County Pa

If you find yourself in need of a criminal defense lawyer in Montgomery County, PA, don't panic! You're in the right place now! DiFiore Levin Law provides free consultations to people who have been charged with crimes. We will sit down with you face-to-face, go over your paperwork, discuss the facts with you, and go from there. If after a consultation we're not able to represent you, we will give you sound legal advice regarding the course of action we think would be best for you.

Sometimes, we are able to refer individuals to other resources, but sometimes there is little we can do. We always want to tell people what they want to hear, but we often have to tell people what they need to hear, and what they need to hear is not always what they want to hear!

Don't Try to Beat Your Case on a Technicality

Although movies and television shows romanticize the stories of criminals beating their cases on technicalities, you need to have reasonable expectations. Understand that this only happens on TV. Sure, there are some cases you could point to where individuals have their cases thrown out because an arresting officer behaved unethically, sometimes testimonies from the accused can be thrown out if the client was never read his/her rights, and there are other times when people are able to get their cases thrown out on a technicality. However, these are extremely rare instances! We're talking less than 1% of all cases!

Building an entire defense on attacking a technicality is never wise. You must understand that the judges are in their respective positions to uphold both the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. If you think that you're going to get away with murder because a paper wasn't filed by its due date, you're sorely mistaken. Further, presenting a criminal defense based on technicalities only makes you look guilty in the judge's or jury's eyes. While we certainly want to point these out and motion the court to take appropriate action, it's best to formulate a sound defense that's designed to make you look not guilty.

Get the Legal Representation You Need from DeFiore Levin Law

Every American should be thankful to be privileged enough to live in the United States. Here, we have the best criminal justice system in the world. People are presumed innocent until proven guilty in the US, or at least, they're supposed to be. Sadly, America doesn't always live up to its own idealism, and that's no exception in the realm of criminal law. Often, people who have been charged with crimes find themselves feeling guilty until proven innocent. That's where we come in!

DiFiore Levin Law is where to find a criminal defense lawyer in Montgomery County, PA who will be committed to upholding and protecting your constitutional rights. The presumption of innocence is not a nice idea; it's a constitutional guarantee! Yet, various parts of the legal system often abuse these constitutional protections, and if the person has no attorney or hasn't gone to school for criminal law, there is a slim chance that they will be able to do anything about it.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Montgomery County Pa
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