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Domestic Violence Attorney Las Vegas Nv

Article provided by: Law Offices of Garrett T Ogata

False accusation of domestic violence is crippling. The court system will keep your record for a long time and use it against you when you have another false allegation. Moreover, employees can find your mug shot by merely googling your name. You will face eviction from the area of residence and possible loss of custody of the children. Severe implications have resulted in long-term incarcerations.

You have to apply the services of a skilled attorney to drop the charges and clear your name from the justice system. Your freedom will depend on two main factors:


Prosecutors have an ethical responsibility to see that justice plays its role in all cases, without bias. The standard of the law requires them to drop the charges if they confirm that the presented evidence is not enough. Our defense attorney will use the following details to convince the court that you are guilty:

  • Testimony or electronic evidence such as videos to confirm your whereabouts during the time of the incident.
  • An examination of the evidence to prove that you did not physically interact with the alleged victim


The victim does not file accusations of domestic violence. The prosecutor deems the alleged offender to be a dangerous member of society. The prosecutor has the power to carry forth the case even when the victim wants to drop the allegations.

A domestic violence attorney in Las Vegas NV will help the prosecutor see the faults of the altered stories by the victim. Adequate skills against the victim will prove that the case is too weak to proceed in a court of law. Plenty of jurors understand that there is no point in punishing the alleged offender if they do not pose a threat to the victim and other people.

How to prove innocence in a domestic violence case

Reject the claims

The victim may be using you as a guinea pig after suffering abuse from another person. The domestic violence attorney will look for material to highlight the truth. These may include information that places you in a different location at the time of the crime, records of a 911 call with your voice as the receiver or witness from onlooking neighbors.

Prove the lies

The alleged victim could be lying to jeopardize your image and credibility in society. The jurors will take into account both sides of the story. Unmatched details will prove that someone is lying. Supporting evidence will prove that you are free from the accusations.

Accident claim

The attorney will investigate your claim of the accident by recreating both stories from the victim and the offender. A hammer that fell on the souse during a repair will not cause as much damage as when a person forcefully and intentionally uses the hammer to hit. Additionally, the premises will have evidence of ongoing maintenance.


The victims will often incriminate themselves by admitting to using violence at the time of the incident. A past of physical aggression will also weaken their case as a victim. A domestic violence attorney in Las Vegas NV will use all means to prove that you were the real victim.

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