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Family Law Lawyer Montgomery County Pa

Family Law Lawyer Montgomery County Pa

Although criminal court and civil court are often seen as the 'serious courts,' family court is nothing to shake a stick at either. In fact, one could legitimately argue that of the three, family court is the most 'serious' court of all. In family court, families are broken, children are separated from parents, parents fight for custody, and the emotional toll it can take on individuals, as well as the entire family, is definitely 'serious.'

If you have a family court case, get protection - protection for your rights and for your children's' best interests. If you need an experienced family law lawyer in Montgomery County, PA, don't hesitate to call DiFiore Levin, LLC.

Justice Doesn't Always Prevail in Family Court

Let's face it; although the United States is home to the greatest justice system ever created, it doesn't always function properly. You might be inclined to think that just because the facts, evidence, and reason are on your side that you will automatically get a favorable result in family court. Please, don't set yourself up for disappointment. At Difiore Levin, LLC, we routinely see people of a similar mindset representing themselves in court only to experience a real-life tragedy. There are plenty of great parents out there who haven't seen their children in years because they went into family court without representation.

Family Law Cases with CPS

Any time Child Protective Services (CPS) gets involved with a family, it automatically changes the nature of the case. Since no two CPS cases are exactly the same, it's hard to say what to expect or what to do without consulting with a party involved and learning the facts. Many times, clients call us for representation with custody cases but don't tell us up front that CPS is involved. CPS involvement doesn't mean that we can't take or win your case for you. Again, it depends on the facts.

Sadly, we occasionally have to tell people the truth, and the truth sometimes hurts. Depending on why CPS is involved, where your child is currently placed, and what you have done or haven't done since CPS's involvement, will determine whether or not we can help you get what you're asking for. As with all cases, the best thing to do is to call us or stop by our office. We offer free face-to-face consultations to determine if your case is one can win for you. Again, CPS is involved is not a disqualifier. In fact, if the other parent is the reason why CPS is involved, it can work very well in your favor.

Get the Legal Representation You Need

If you were in criminal court facing time for criminal charges, you wouldn't hesitate to hire a lawyer to keep you out of jail! If you were being sued by someone or suing someone for lots of money, you wouldn't leave your fate to chance even for one second! You would hire an attorney to make sure you protected your money. How much more so should this standard apply in family court! Don't leave your custody or rights to fate. Contact a seasoned family law lawyer in Montgomery County, PA at DiFiore Levin, LLC and protect what matters most to you!

Family Law Lawyer Montgomery County Pa