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Custody Lawyer Montgomery County Pa

If circumstances require you to seek the services of a custody lawyer in Montgomery County, PA, DiFiore Levin, LLC. We are an experienced team of custody trial lawyers, and we understand that any time a marriage fails, it is a real tragedy. Not only will a divorce cause immense heartache, stress, and countless other sources of difficulty for the adults in the case, but the effects of a divorce can be far more devastating for children. Both parents should do all they can to protect their innocent children from the fallout of a separation, but that doesn't always happen.

Sadly, more parents than we'd like to think often use their children to hurt the other parent. We see this equally with men and women. It goes both ways. When this happens, a form of child abuse is occurring. Any time an adult is selfishly keeping the children from the other parent, saying bad things about the other parent to the children, blaming the other parent for the divorce, or doing other inappropriate things to or in front of the children, legal intervention is needed.

Don't Take Matters into Your Own Hands

This is especially important for men! Very often we see men who become indignant (rightfully so usually) and do something that destroys their case. For example, after a divorce, a man may find out that the ex-wife has a man living in, visiting, or sleeping in the home. Other times, there may be excessive drinking or even drugs in the custodial parent's home. Still, other times, the women might be keeping the children from the man seemingly just to hurt him. Full of righteous anger, the man goes to the home of the ex-wife and confronts the mother, the boyfriend, takes the kids against the mother's will, or otherwise makes a scene in front of the children.

You must remember that not only can such an incident create more trauma for your children, but again, it can greatly damage your chances of getting custody and actually result in you getting less parenting time or even supervised visits. It is crucial that in the heat of the moment, you are able to control your emotions. Remember, cooler heads prevail. Contact a custody lawyer in Montgomery County, PA at the DiFiore Levin, LLC.

Don't Go into Your Custody Hearing without Legal Representation!

There are a number of ways we can help you to build your case, such as hiring a private investigator, conducting research, taking depositions, and more. If you are a man seeking full custody of your children, keep in mind that the deck is already stacked against you. The courts tend to side with women more and believe that children are best suited in the custody of their mothers. This is especially true of children under the age of eight-years-old.

DiFirore Levin, Attorneys at Law is here to stand up for your children's best interests and protect your rights. Whether you are seeking full custody of your children, partial custody, or the enforcement of a previous court order, we can help you collect the evidence and present a strong course in court. When it comes to finding a custody lawyer in Montgomery, PA, please, don't go cheap! DiFiore Levin, LLC is where you can find a seasoned custody lawyer in Montgomery County, PA to help parents get the best for their kids.

Custody Lawyer Montgomery County Pa