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Personal Injury Attorney Montgomery County Pa

Personal Injury Attorney Montgomery County Pa

For the best personal injury attorney in Montgomery County, PA, visit DiFiore Levin Law or give us a call today. We have handled hundreds of personal injury cases for our clients, getting favorable settlements and verdicts more times than not. DiFiore Levin Law provides free face-to-face or over-the-phone consultations, and we sometimes work on a contingency basis, which means we don't get paid unless you do. If we are not able to provide legal counsel, we can likely give you some professional advice.

Have You Sought Health Care Related to Your Accident?

After an accident, it is important that you visit a doctor or ER right away. After all, the insurance company will want to know why you haven't done so if you're "hurt so bad." It is also important that you follow through with your doctor's treatment plan. This could involve physical therapy, medicine, or other treatment options. Adhering to your doctor's treatment plan shows that you really are injured and that you deserve restitution - it adds a measure of credibility to your case. But what if your doctor can't find anything wrong with you?

Consider Visiting a Chiropractor

If your doctor has not been able to diagnose a health problem or figure out what's wrong with you as it relates to your injury, think about seeing a chiropractor. If you don't have a personal chiropractor already, contact DiFiore Levin Law, and we can refer you to a high-quality chiropractic care specialist in Montgomery County. Not only will visiting the chiropractor make you feel better now, but a chiropractor can often find what doctors miss and assign names to your accident-related health issues, which helps us to put together a case for you.

More importantly, a chiropractor is considered a specialist and can be summoned to court to serve as an expert witness if your case goes to trial. Personal injury attorneys regularly deal with chiropractors as their services and our services are mutually beneficial to each other's practices.

Don't Talk to the Insurance Company!

No matter what you do in your personal injury case, the number settlement or verdict killer will be talking with the insurance company. Insurance company representatives are very good at pretending to be compassionate, but all they're trying to do is collect information that can be used against you when you ask for money. Take our word; don't talk to the insurance company! Let us do that for you.

Trust Our Legal Counsel

One advantage of having our legal team on your case is that we are excellent at negotiating great settlements and winning trials, maximizing the money you get. Keep in mind that we are experienced personal injury attorneys in Montgomery County, so if we advise you to take the settlement offer, it's because it's in your best interest, not because we're too lazy to go to trial. Sadly, there are times when people refuse a settlement thinking they deserve more, only to get less than what the settlement offer was when they go to trial. Find your personal injury attorney in Montgomery County, PA, and let us do the work for you.

Personal Injury Attorney Montgomery County Pa
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